WP Mailster v1.5.3 / 1.5.4

WP Mailster v1.5.3 introduces compatibility with WordPress MU (multi-user version) and brings many improvements and fixes.

  • [Improvement] Make plugin work in Multiuser / Network (WordPress MU) site context
  • [Improvement] Recipients names from WP users are coming from first name / last name instead of login names
  • [Improvement] Queue entries can be deleted
  • [Improvement] The shortcode [mst_emails] has new parameter to control the order the messages are dispalyed, e.g. [mst_emails lid=1 order=oldfirst] or [mst_emails lid=1 order=newfirst]
  • [Improvement] Various interface improvements to show #users per list/group and for better navigation
  • [Bug Fix] All list members (recipients) can be removed
  • [Bug Fix] Make unsubscribe (with and without double-opt-out) work
  • [Bug Fix] Subject prefixes can have a blank character at the end
  • [Bug Fix] Unsubscribe URL placeholder {unsubscribe} works in typcial situations where a text editor adds unneeded http/https before the {unsubscribe} placeholder
  • [Bug Fix] Catch runtime exception in case log file cannot be generated
  • [Bug Fix] Improved logo naming so that browser caching will not prevent correct logo to be displayed after upgrade
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