WP Mailster v1.8.14

  • [Improvement] Automatically shorten (too) long subjects, current max length: 191 characters
  • [Bug Fix] Fix email character display/modification issues with Baltic encoding
  • [Bug Fix] Fix backend email archive view (and other admin list views) for Safari
  • [Bug Fix] Fix some rare cases where email was not saved to the database
  • [Bug Fix] Fix multiple PHP warnings

WP Mailster v1.8.11

  • [Improvement] CSV import also supports file with only emails (no name column)
  • [Improvement] Do not create Microsoft and Google default connections because of missing OAUTH2 support
  • [Bug Fix] Avoid error “Prohibited input U+00000081” and update idna-convert library
  • [Bug Fix] Fix issue where special characters in subject break user interface (list of archived emails, list of queued emails)
  • [Bug Fix] Bounce emails containing email addresses in angle brackets are showing the addresses in the email archive email details view

WP Mailster v1.8.9

  • [Bug Fix] submitTxt parameter works again for subscribe/unsubscribe shortcodes
  • [Bug Fix] headerTxt parameter works again for subscribe/unsubscribe shortcodes
  • [Bug Fix] Fix error 1406 Data too long for column references_to
  • [Bug Fix] Fix WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘published’ in ‘where clause’]
  • [Bug Fix] When emails get deleted, no empty folders remain (where the attachments were stored in before they were deleted)
  • [Bug Fix] Fix two bugs related to email digests that could prevent digests from being sent (Society & Enterprise edition)
  • [Bug Fix] Avoid warnings with PHP 8.2

WP Mailster v1.8.8

  • [Bug Fix] When formatted HTML with very long lines are encountered, the automatic line splitting may run into issues. e.g. when formatted Text from Google Docs is copied into email body. This is now fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Fix subscriber module problem with PHP 8.1/8.2
  • [Bug Fix] Anticipate problems with apostrophes and quotes characters being part of users’ names and notes
  • [Bug Fix] Do not log to PHP error log during installation
  • [Bug Fix] Remove unneeded code, no need to require parse_ini_file function

WP Mailster v1.8.7

  • [Feature] Add removeFromGroup option for unsubscribe forms to automatically remove a user from a user group when the user unsubscribes
  • [Improvement] Warn about system incompatibility issues (like missing PHP IMAP extensions)
  • [Improvement] Default order lists, users and names by name
  • [Bug Fix] Fix timezone issue for email received and forwarded timestamps
  • [Bug Fix] Fix for iPhone embedded images/fotos
  • [Bug Fix] Fix: date parts (like month names) are translated
  • [Bug Fix] User interface for adding mailing list(s) is now tabbed again
  • [Bug Fix] User interface (select list of group users) works correctly after new group was created
  • [Bug Fix] Avoid PHP warnings
  • Compatible with WordPress 6.2

WP Mailster v1.8.5

  • [Bug Fix] Email without TO recipient will not stop email(s) from being retrieved from mailing list inbox
  • [Bug Fix] Fix PHP include problem related to library Html2Text (and others)
  • [Bug Fix] The add2Group parameter works in the subscribe-shortcode
  • [Bug Fix] Ability to deal with charset collation differences (between WP users and WP Mailster database tables)
  • [Bug Fix] Avoid PHP warnings in PHP 8.1

WP Mailster v1.8.4

  • [Improvement] Better warn about non-supported special characters in the mailing list password(s)
  • [Improvement] UI improvements (show attachment indicator in email archive, explain fwd errors/completed indicators)
  • [Improvement] Add list name in List-Subscribe / List-Unsubscribe headers (subject lines)
  • [Bug Fix] Fix issue when no iconv functionality is available for charset conversion
  • [Bug Fix] Fix PHP errors (PHP 8)
  • [Bug Fix] Saving WP user’s lists/groups will not cause incorrect error message
  • [Bug Fix] Do not show current date/time in send timestamp column when sending was not done
  • [Bug Fix] Fix some language typos
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