WP Mailster v1.8.0

  • [Feature] Introduce subscribe and unsubscribe shortcodes ([mst_subscribe] and [mst_unsubscribe])
    Checkout our documentation for more information.
  • [Improvement] UI optimization: full width for emails/lists/users/groups/servers/… table views
  • [Bug Fix] Fix for moderation mode: bounced/blocked/filtered emails will not produce a moderation request
  • [Bug Fix] Fix handling of certain binary attachments
  • [Bug Fix] Fix database issues (db maintenance) on WP multisite installations

WP Mailster v1.7.1

  • [Improvement] CSV export also puts out the user description / notes
  • [Bug Fix] Increase plugin (lazy cronjob) stability to avoid edge cash crashes
  • [Bug Fix] Fix issue in CSV import
  • [Bug Fix] Show updated/created message when editing/saving/updating user
  • [Bug Fix] Show name of list being added in header

WP Mailster v1.7.0

  • [Feature] Introduce options to deal with email hosters with a DMARC policy “reject” setting
  • [Bug Fix] Hide irrelevant submenu entries more reliable
  • [Bug Fix] Better recognize requests for rest API
  • [Bug Fix] Avoid several PHP warnings and notices

WP Mailster v1.6.22

  • [Improvement] Society & Enterprise edition: attachments are included in moderation requests (moderators can review attachments). Setting on by default, can be deactivated in global settings.
  • [Improvement] Paid editions: show license status in Start Center
  • [Bug Fix] Fix mailbox connection (pulling in secure authentication when not setup)
  • [Bug Fix] Fix recipient hover display in mail archive’s send reports
  • [Bug Fix] Fix Javascript error on recipient management screen
  • [Bug Fix] German translation updated

WP Mailster v1.6.21

  • [Improvement] Turn off opportunistic STARTTLS for imap_open
  • [Improvement] Tested with WordPress v5.8
  • [Bug Fix] Fix for PHP Deprecated: Required parameter $value follows optional parameter $options
  • [Bug Fix] Fix text string / spelling mistakes

WP Mailster v1.6.19

  • [Bug Fix] Add protection against CSRF attacks (kudos to Emanuele Barbeno)
  • [Bug Fix] Do not add mail recipients to queue when already moderated (approved) message gets approved again
  • [Bug Fix] Emails can have multiple attachments with the same name (not overwriting each other)
  • [Bug Fix] PHP8 compatibility work: do not use curly braces for index access in arrays in string

WP Mailster v1.6.18

  • [Improvement] Show date, list name in email view
  • [Bug Fix] Back button for mails of one mailing list works as expected
  • [Bug Fix] Fix email charset problem leading to plus signs being omitted
  • [Bug Fix] PHP8 compatibility work: do not use curly braces for index access in arrays in strings

WP Mailster v1.6.16

  • [Feature] Pro editions: registration plugin for adding new users automatically to list and/or groups
  • [Improvement] Show profile shortcode dialog also if only unsubscription is allowed
  • [Bug Fix] CSV duplicate check based on email address needs to be case insensitive
  • [Bug Fix] Count failed sending attempts towards the throttling quota

Registration Plugin

Available in all pro editions. Automatically adds freshly registered users to your lists or groups.

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