WP Mailster v1.8.1

  • [Improvement] Update minimal system requirements to WP 5.3 (from 4.3) and PHP 5.6 (from 5.5)
  • [Bug Fix] Storing of attachments with long MIME subtypes (e.g. MS Office formats like docx format with: VND.OPENXMLFORMATS-OFFICEDOCUMENT.WORDPROCESSINGML.DOCUMENT) is supported and will not crash mail retrieving
  • [Bug Fix] Fix issues managing users with apostrophes in their names (like O’Neil)
  • [Bug Fix] Fix issues recording send events for users with apostrophes in their names
  • [Bug Fix] Omit PHP warnings like “DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Tag o:p invalid in Entity”
  • [Bug Fix] Fix the issue with timestamps not taking WP timezone settings into account
  • [Bug Fix] A “mail not forwarded” event not being sent out (due to random reasons) will not stop handling of mailing list emails (not cause an email loop)
  • [Bug Fix] Failure to open the log file will not crash the process
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