#Subscribers per List501001000unlimited
Add recipients from WP users
Add recipients not registered in WordPress
Organize recipients in groups
CSV Import and Export
User self subscription
Captcha Protection
Double Opt-In
Free39€79€ 179€
MAILING LISTSFreeClubSocietyEnterprise
Create Mailing Lists31020unlimited
Works with IMAP/POP3 accounts
Control Senders
Replies only to the sender possible
Replies to the whole group possible
Email Filtering
Email Notifications
Moderation Mode
MAIL ARCHIVINGFreeClubSocietyEnterprise
Backend Email Archive
Email Archiving can be disabled
Frontend Email Archive
Offline Archive / Auto-Clean-Up


MAIL SENDINGFreeClubSocietyEnterprise
Basic Cronjob Service (every 15min)+19 € per Site
per Year
(1 Site, 1 Year)
Power Cronjob Service (every 5min)+ 29 € per Site
per Year
+ 29 € per Site
per Year
(1 Site, 1 Year)
Sprint Cronjob Service (every 1min)+ 79 € per Site
per Year
+ 79 € per Site
per Year
+ 79 € per Site
per Year
(1 Site, 1 Year)
Queue Management
Broad Email Format Support
Custom subjects, headers, footers
Personalize Emails
Plain and HTML preference settings
Disable “powered by Mailster” footer
Send Throttling
Digest Email Mode
Dedicated Cronjob Mode
Fully integrated, native WordPress solution
Multilingual & International
Free39€ 79€179€
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Integrated Documentation
Online Documentation
Priority support via emails & support tickets