WP Mailster Society

From: 79,00 / year+ EU VAT

Want to operate a  mailing list with up to 1000 members?

That is the job of WP Mailster Society.

It includes all the tool you need to create a versatile and powerful communication platform.



Product Description

Max. Subscribers per List1000
Max. Mailing Lists20
Max. Installations / Sites1
Frontend and Backend Email ArchiveYes
Dedicated Cronjob ModeYes
Email Digest ModeYes
Double Opt-InYes
Captcha ProtectionYes
Email FilteringYes
Configurable Event NotificationsYes
Configurable Send ThrottlingYes
CSV User Import & ExportYes
Including: Power Cronjob Service (1 Year) Yes
Offline Archive / Auto-Clean-Up No