WP Mailster v1.8.3

  • [Improvement] For address mode = TO (single recipient per email), pre-fill the email address in unsubscribe links
  • [Improvement] Stop using $_SESSION to avoid problems with WP health check etc.
  • [Improvement] Introduce various filters for altering the subscribe/unsubscribe endpoints headers, text, and buttons
  • [Improvement] Introduce filter wpmailster_email_processing_attachment_default_filename to override default attachment filename (mst_no_filename) if needed
  • [Bug Fix] Subscribe and unsubscribe dialogs can now be translated
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed unsubscribe problem: when for one email address, there is both a WordPress and a WP Mailster user, both get unsubscribed
  • [Bug Fix] License key can be saved in WP Mailster settings if ad-hoc check/validation fails
  • [Bug Fix] Change license backend callbacks to be executed server side (to avoid issues with CSP / Content Security Policy blocking in browsers)
  • [Bug Fix] Remove several PHP notices
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