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WP Mailster v1.6.10

[Feature] Filters for modifying the welcome and goodbye email subject and contents (wpmailster_subsr_welcome_email_subject, wpmailster_subsr_welcome_email_body_html, wpmailster_subsr_welcome_email_body_alt, wpmailster_subsr_goodbye_email_subject, wpmailster_subsr_goodbye_email_body_html, wpmailster_subsr_goodbye_email_body_alt) [Feature] Introduce new text variables {orig_to} and {orig_cc} to include original TO and CC addressees in the email content (header or footer text) [Improvement] Do not execute plugin background actions during REST API requests (wp-json/wp/v2 endpoint) [Bug … Continue reading WP Mailster v1.6.10

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WP Mailster v1.6.9

[Improvement] For WP users, use user’s “nice name” if available [Bug Fix] Digest queue is emptied after successful digest sending

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