WP Mailster v1.5.0

The WP Mailster v1.5.0 introduces compatibility with more PHP versions and brings improvements to the subscribe/unsubscribe forms.

  • [Feature] Shortcode mst_emails allows to only select a specific mailing list by it’s ID, e.g. [mst_emails lid=2]
  • [Feature] Mailing lists can be duplicated
  • [Feature] Custom Notifications added (paid only)
  • [Improvement] Subscribe / unsubscribe forms work without page reload
  • [Improvement] Introduce reCAPTCHA v2, remove v1
  • [Improvement] PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 are supported
  • [Bug Fix] Resolve PHP 7.0 compatibility issue
  • [Bug Fix] Pagination fix for admin lists
  • [Bug Fix] Log file of installation is not written to the root directory
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed typos
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