Mailster Cronjob Service

We strongly recommend to setup a cronjob for each Mailster installation to ensure a timely delivery of the mailing list messages.

If this is not done there might be significant delays in the email delivery.

Why is that?

Mailster is a part of WordPress which is a PHP based web application. That means: it can not act/run without being triggered and it can not run forever when triggered. This is a technical limitation coming from PHP, not from Mailster or WordPress.

Triggering means that somebody accesses the site. During the page load Mailster is handling the jobs to do (mail retrieving/sending). Thus mails can only be send/retrieved when somebody is browsing your site, otherwise the delivery is delayed or never done. As your site might not be browsed every few minutes 24×7 we recommend you to use a cronjob that opens the site periodically (e.g. by a command-line tool like wget).

If this is a problem in your server environment you can have us host your cronjob with one of the following services. Many of our product lines already include 1 year of cronjob service. If you run more sites or need a more frequent cronjob to ensure a timely delivery also with large lists you can purchase more cronjob services below.


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